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Russia Wrap-up

Reflections of our month in Russia

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It's a sign that you enjoy a country when you are sad to leave. We could easily have spent another month in Russia and it is quite annoying that the visa is max 1 month.

The trans-siberian train experience was fantastic fun. We did not tire of it, and wanted to travel much more by train. It was a good idea to go from East to West. The remote and natural landscape slowly became rural and then small cities and finally the mega cities of Moscow and St Petersburg.

Russia was cheap. Food and accomodation was about half Australian costs. Public transport was incredibly cheap. The trains were reasonable. We lived it up - ate well, stayed in places that we could never afford in Australia, and travel in comparative luxury.

The food was generally good. On the train we ate fresh fruit, noodles and lots of tea and coffee. For restaurants we opted for buffet style russian food, and occasionally spalshed out on Georgian or Central Asian.

The people were generally unfriendly. We were never asked anything about ourselves (what's your name, where you from, etc), but that didnt bother us much. We even got used to the grumpy old ladies behind every counter.

The language was sometimes a challenge. We learned cyrilic script quickly so we could read menus, food lables, bus locations, etc. And tried to get our tongues around the usual travellers niceties (hello, goodbye, good morning, etc).

With the exception of Tynda (see blog), we loved all the locations. The remoteness and nature of Northern Baikal was beautiful. For culture, the architecture of Tomsk was outstanding, The smaller cities were our favorite - Vladivostok, Yekatarinberg and Kazan. Parts of Moscow and St Petersberg were crowded and horribly touristic but with help from the internet we quickly found some free/unusual/out-of-the-way attractions that were fantastic. A particular highlight in Moscow was the Metro and the awesome VDNKh park.

Russia is clean and green. Spotlessly clean. The city streets are spotless. There is no grafitti. The public transport is clean. Russians love parks. Although the cities are filled with ugly run-down soviet concrete appartments, there are green spaces everywhere. And some of the parks are spectacular. And Russians love to go out and enjoy the summer weather (we were there in summer holiday time).

Everything appears to work efficiently (except the shambles of the museum queues). The long distance trains especially are a logisitc marvel arriving at every station exactly on the scheduled minute. The metro and buses are likewise precision perfect. It is very clean and well organised.

There seems to be an interest in the old monarchy and soviet pasts. It is all preserved or renovated well. Amazing palaces, museums and churches were a highlight for us. Religion has returned in a big way. We saw many families and children praying in churches. It is certainly a conservative country and we think that's no bad thing.

We know there are problems - mostly related to emerging from the Soviet Union. From rich to poor there is a great range of wealth. I'm sure there is a lot of corruption especially with the oligarchs and elite politicians. The expansionist wars into Georgia and Ukraine are depressing. But from our outsiders view - Russia seems to be a country oozing strength, success and optimism for the future.

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Catherine's Palace

Palace of Catherine the Great

overcast 18 °C

Continuing the "his and hers" palace tour, and following yestersdays Peterhoff palace, today we ventured to the town of Pushkin (metro and bus around $2 each) to visit the gardens of Catherines summer palace.

Once again we chose a day when the palace was closed because this is typically one of the busiest places in St Petersburg with 4 hr queues not unusal. Unfortuately, this meant we also missed seeing the Amber Room, which is the highlight of Catherines palace. Also the day was really overcast and drizzly so photos are not great.

From the internet:



Our photos:







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Peterhoff Palace

Palace of Peter the Great

sunny 24 °C
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There are so many palaces and elegant buildings in St Petersburg. The winter palace (Hermitage Museum) is right in the city. The next two popular ones are the summer palace of Peter I (the Great) and summer palace of Catherine II (the great). We called them "his" and "hers". BTW for the hitory buffs - there was also a Peter II (not so great) and Catherine 1 (not so great either).

Today we had a day trip to "his" palace. A metro and then 30 minutes on bus (about $2 each) took us out to the town on the Gulf of Finland. We entered the palace at the "upper" gardens which were beautiful, but nothing compared to the "lower" gardens full of spectacular flower beds, fountains and cascades. Entry to the lower gardens $20 each but worth it! We chose to go on a Monday when the palace was closed and the crowds were less.









The obligatory "bum" shot (for those who are familiar with our previous blogs)


Returned to our favourite Georgian restaurant for dinner ($12 for two) for the third time.

A majestic star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png star.png 5 star day.

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St Peter and Paul Fortress

General sightseeing around St Petersberg

sunny 24 °C
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Hotel said they had to move us to another room this morning so we were a bit worried. Turned out to be an upgrade to a much bigger and nicer room. Bonus!!

Did I mention we like metro stations :). If you're following the blogs you know we love them. Here is our station Admiralteyskaya. It's the deepest metro in the world and takes forever to go down the super fast escaltor.





Another perfect day. Warm and clear blue skies. Good for photos. Decided to catch some sights around St Petersberg - Winter Palace, Kazan Church, Saviour on Spilled Blood, St Peter & Paul Fortress.








It was warm for us, must have been hot for the locals...


Returned to our favourite Georgian restaurant for dinner ($15 for two inc drink).

A warm and sunny star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png 4 star day.

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St Petersberg

A bit of a rest day

sunny 23 °C
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Margaret cracked it yesterday after the huge day walking the Hermitage. So we decided to have a rest day.

Today we were thinking how lucky we have been with weather this whole trip. It was a bit drizzly in Baikal but other than that it has been warm and sunny. And again today it is sunny and warm.

Visited some more metro stations in the afternoon - fast becoming our favourite pastime. See more here.



It's sometimes hard to destinguish the palace photos from the station photos. A couple of newer stations are also magnificent. Here is my favourite metro photo from the internet of Obvodny Canal station...


We wandered around a bit in the evening, looking at the lit up buildings and canals.





St Petersberg is absolutly packed with tourists, and they all need a toilet. Yes thats a bus converted to a public toilet (we saw a few of these).


Many tourists come from Baltic cruise ships and only stay a day or two. And as we discovered they stick to the main few streets. Venture out two or three metros stations and it is less touristic. This is where we discovered the brilliant Chito-Gvrito Georgian restuarant. Very authentic and very tasty. Bread and Khachapuri cooked fresh in a tandoor oven. Around $15 for two meals and beer.



A recuperating star.pngstar.pngstar.png star.png 4 star day.

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